our team

The Priniciple Draftsman at RML Design is Byron Foster. Byron has been drafting for 8 years and has extensive knowledge of AutoCAD and similar programs. Byron is also posesses exceptional IT skills, and ensures the office software and equipment is always functioning properly.


Byron has an Bachelor of Science (honors) degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah with an emphasis on geotechnical and structural engineering. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Utah, pursuing a PhD in Geotechnical and Structural engineering. His research is focused on the lateral response of drilled shafts in transmission line structure applications. His research is part of a broader program sponsored by PacifiCorp that aims to reduce the size of transmission line structure foundations without sacrificing reliability in order to minimize new construction costs.


Byron has always been fascinated by architecture, and started out in the industry as a draftsman. He is considered to be an AutoCAD expert and has worked as a draftsman and AutoCAD technician for over 8 years.


Byron's true passions has always been engineering, but he is most fascinated by unique combinations of structural and architectural elements to achieve a creative solution to a problem. Byron's educational background is focused on engineering, but architecture remains one of his favotire hobbies. RML design does not perform engineering services in-house and as such, Byron does not currently serve in an engineering capacity. He continues to work at RML design as much as possible because they have always provided their employees with highly flexible schedules to further their education. He also loves the people he works with and the types of projects he regularly has the opportunity to work on. Byron has also served in the Army for 5 years as a member of the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne).