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The Principle Designer of RML Design is Randall M. Lewis


Randall has a Bachelors degree and a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Utah, where he specialized in residential planning and American residential history.


Randall has worked with other companies and his own companies to design thousands of projects along the Wasatch front and in Colorado, Idaho, and other states. His reputation is in using creative, innovative, and fresh design trends that have been highly influential in all manner of residential development on the Wasatch Front.


Since his early teens, Randy became interested in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and studied his work thouroughly with the intention of going to Taliesen West. At 21, Randy visited Taliesen, and after a few weeks, concluded that his education would be better served by getting a traditional professional degree at the University of Utah. During his school years, Randy worked at several commercial firms, but enjoyed best his work in residential design and soon started his own company designing custom homes for a limited number of clients.

In this capacity, Randall worked with his drafting teams to create thousands of houses in a multiplicity of styles and architectural languages. Along with hundreds of custom homes, Randall worked with construction and development companies to develop hundreds of prototype plans for some of the largest planned developments in the state, including the ground breaking community of Daybreak. Randy Has worked on prototype plans for dozens of subdivisions in Utah and Idaho.

Most recently, Randall has become an advocate for classic American traditional designs based on historical ideas from the first part of the century. By studying these classic styles, details, and traditions, Randy has learned to fuse them with contemporary design standards to create designs of timeless beauty and modern relevance.

Style Diversity

Instead of designing in one particular style, like many architects, Randy is able to design in a multiplicity of style languages depending on the built environment, landscape, and specific tastes of the clients. Because of this, Randy and his team can create homes in a variety of historical styles as well as contemporary desert, suburban, and mountain designs. Randy's incredible design portfolio speaks for itself!