schedule & appointments


RML Design is a design studio style business. Like most studio businesses, we work and have meetings in the office, but we also have meetings at other locations with clients or need to leave the office to examine properties or other issues. RML Design does work all over the intermountain region, and as a result, we are not necessarily physically present at our home office during all regular business hours. We may also have pre-committed our time in the office for meetings with other customers.

For this reason, we ask you to make appointments to visit us at RML Design before you arrive. We don�t want to frustrate you by having you drive over only to have us out of the office or with other clients and not able to serve you appropriately.

RML Design will be accepting phone calls during business hours Mon-Fri 9:00- 5:30 even if we are not in the office. If you don�t get through during business hours, which should be rare, leave a message and we will return your call promptly. You are also welcome to email us at anytime at the following email:

We can read and respond to emails at this address from any location, and we will be monitoring those emails throughout the business day.